You are entering a most exciting school program in the form of an Executive internship. 

You will receive one-half credit for Workplace Essentials and one-half credit for Executive Internship I.

You will be responsible for meeting several deadlines, turning in forms and a written project.

All of these requirements must be met in order for you to receive a grade. The grading policy does not allow incompletes or “I’s”; therefore, you will receive an “F” if you have not met all the criteria.

Below are the Steps/Requirements and Checklist for a successful Executive Internship Please click each of the links below for instructions and to complete the various forms. Hard copies of all forms must be provided.  

Step 1: Application

  1.  Resume
  2.  Letter of Recommendation. You will ask at least two of your current teachers to write a letter of   recommendation for your permanent record file. This will be useful when you apply for scholarships or   financial aid.
  3.  Student Internship Permission Form: This form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian or permission to participate in the Executive Internship Program will not be permitted.
  4.  Executive Internship Program - Cooperative Education Program Training Agreement: This is a state form regarding your work site and must be signed by your employers, parent, yourself, and the Academy Department Chair.
  5.  Student Personal Liability and Medical Release Form: A copy of this form must be provided to the school. It will be placed in the student’s internship folder.
  6.  Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement: A copy of this form must be provided to the school. It will be placed in the student’s internship folder.
  7.  Executive Internship Program Confidentiality Agreement: A copy of this form must be provided to the   school. It will be placed in the student’s internship folder.
  8.  Executive Internship Program - Computer System and Internet Policy: A copy of this form must be provided to the school. It will be placed in the student’s internship folder.
  9.  Executive Internship Questionnaire
  10.  Intern Learning Contract: This form must be completed with the Internship Supervisor. Ask your supervisor to review your responsibilities with you to be certain that you have understood and indicated each of your responsibilities.

Step 2: During Your Internship

  1.  Internship Log Sheet: The log sheet must be turned into the Academy department chair and require your supervisor’s signature.
  2.  Internship Journal: The journal is a personal reflection of your experience and learning.
  3. Weekly Advisor Evaluation From: This form should be completed weekly and reviewed with your Internship Supervisor.
  4. Student Hours and Program Evaluation Weekly Advisor Meetings

Step 3: Final Projects and Evaluations

  1. Assignment: Overview of Internship Company 
  2. Capstone Project. This project must be completed by following the guidelines under the Capstone tab.
  3. Site Supervisor Program Evaluation Form
  4. Site Supervisor Internship Evaluation Form
  5.  An evaluation report will be delivered to your internship supervisor, and he/she will be asked to complete it. You are required to sign this form.