Overview of Internship Company

This project must be completed in order for you to receive academic credit for your internship. You will be given the due date at the time these materials are handed out to you. A penalty will be imposed for projects received after the due date.

  1. Introduction
  • Write a short narration about your company.
  • Describe what your employer offers to the public (what merchandise or service).
  • What services does your company offer for which it does not charge (delivery, charge accounts, parking)?
  • From what area does you company draw most of its customers?
  1. Internship Firm
  • Name of company, as is appears in their records.
  • Address in full - street, city, state, zip code.
  • Telephone number.
  • Name of Internship Supervisor.
  • Total number of employees (approximate) at the branch or office where you are working.
  • Working hours and days per week the business is open.
  • Working hours of student intern.
  • Your department or section (if applicable).
  • Name the people in your company or department with whom you work and give their positions (include first and last names).

III. History of the Company

You can gather facts for the history by consulting various people within the company or if the company has a public relations office, he/she undoubtedly can furnish you with historical material.

IV. Organization Chart

See sample to right.

V. Training Required for Your Job

This information will come from your actual experience on the job.

VI. Company’s Potential Growth,

Outlook for future - expansion plans, new location, etc.

Org Chart

VII. Attachments

  • Attach a sample business card from someone at your company.
  • Attach any picture-which may explain your company more clearly.
  • Attach a copy of the company logo on the title page.
  • Attach any sample of ads, brochures, bulletins, etc. which your company publishes.