Ideal Program

Ideal Internship

  • Lasts at least four to six weeks
  • Provides the intern with a supervisor who will guide the student through the work experience
  • Offers the intern opportunities to learn about all aspects of the business
  • Assigns students to one department or rotates them through the company
  • Challenges the intern to think and solve problems
  • Provides enhancements such as seminars and luncheons

In Exchange, the Supporting Company

  • Creates a pool of future employees
  • Has a source of temporary employees for vacationing permanent personnel
  • Makes a major contribution to public education by assisting in the creation of a motivated, educated workforce
  • Is provided a student who has exposure to technology, law and/or business concepts

Student Benefits

  • Being introduced to the world of work
  • Being provided with real-life, hands-on experiences
  • Using skills and information learned in the course work
  • Confirming the importance of good attendance and punctuality
  • Learning new skills
  • Developing an understanding of the interrelationship of each employee to the whole organization
  • Developing a reference for college applications
  • Developing contacts for future jobs and expanding their resume
  • Providing opportunity for employment during the student’s senior year and beyond