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The mission of Everglades Preparatory Middle School is to provide students with a well-rounded middle-school education, through a challenging program, focused on mathematics and science using innovative, reform-based instructional methods in a stimulating and nurturing environment that fosters maximum student achievement.

The mission of Everglades Preparatory High School is to provide students with a well-rounded college preparatory and career exploration high school education, through a challenging academic program supported by technology, on-site learning experiences via local business and the opportunity to tie classroom learning with the real world of work.

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What Others Are Saying

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There is a feeling of family when you walk through the door. Teachers and staff all love and care for each kid as if they were their own. EPA Student
Testimonial 2
The school offers different programs such as science & business classes, dance, art and music to sastify the interests of each student. EPH Teacher
My personal opinion is that this school is great. The teachers are outstanding, they will always be there to help you the most they can. EPA Student
My experiences so far have been very positive. My daughter has a health issue, and they have been very understanding of her needs. They have a "no tolerance" stance on bullying, and provide a safe, friendly atmosphere for your child to learn. EPA Parent
Testimonial 5
We are ready for a great school year. Our STEAM focus will include coding and robotic clubs. We have smartboards in every class room. EPH Teacher
We believe good choices, accountability and effective study habits are requirements and so does Everglades Prep.
EPH Parent